The Promised Land

kk memorial area fDid you feel the mountains tremble on  19th November?

It was the sound of Joshua (Rich Wood), Caleb (Caleb) and the army of Israel (youth, COGS and JIMs) marching out in battle to take the Promised Land (Area F)!

The children of C.O.G.S and J.I.M groups had spent the previous Sunday painting stones with prayers and declarations to build a memorial outside the gates of our ‘Promised Land’. We learned about how Joshua and Caleb had been sent with others from the tribes of Israel to spy on the Promised Land, but they had been the only ones who had seen past the giants to the promises and riches God had for the people.

They all decided that we did not want to be like the Israelites who wandered about in the desert for 40 years, so on 19th November, together with the Lighthouse youth, we set off behind the Ark,  and Joshua and Celeb (as they did in times of old). Along the way we defeated the giants and took the land with prayer and declaration before building a memorial of thanksgiving and taking communion. The children finished their adventure as Joshua and his army did, with blasts on trumpets and a shofar!

Phil has since been inside the gates to find that the painted stones are now actually inside the land. Someone has prophetically moved the stones inside the Promised Land!

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