Out of the depths I cried to You.

You heard my voice and led me through myriad tunnels,

Through the darkness of my fears, disappointments and dashed dreams.

You gave me the courage to hope,

A light for the journey and treasures in the darkness.


When I reached the mouth of the cave,

I was blinded by the brilliance of the light

And stood still to accustom myself

To the new environment.


“We are not there yet,” You said. 

 Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 15.01.02

So I scrambled


Up the narrow, rocky path,

Through the fields of waving grass, bedecked with marguerites,

Smelling the warm scent of apples in the orchards;

Enjoying the gentle breeze playing through my hair,

And the sound of skylarks singing of summer days when the sun hardly sets.


“We are not there yet,” You said.


I paused, and looked behind me.

Way down in the valley, a silver thread of water

Twisted its way out to the sea, through patchwork fields.

I sat to rest, to contemplate the journey.


“We are not there yet,” You said.


In front of me a craggy mountain peak rose to the sky.

“I can’t go that way,” I said. 

You handed me a rope.

“Tie yourself to Me,” You said,

“We’ll go together.”


You went in front.

I scrambled behind You.

A step at a time.

Over boulders, along ledges,

Across crevasses.

“Here’s My hand,” You said.


On and on we climbed in silence,

The sights and sounds of the world far behind me.

Away from the memories,

Away from the ruins of grandiose schemes

I had built when there was nothing better to do.


“We are nearly there,” You said.


I climbed through unknown territory,

Towards the future,

Towards the pinnacle of Life.


When we reached the top, we stood there together;

The whole universe stretched there before us.


“Now what?” I said,

“Now where do we go?”


“I’ll teach you to fly,”

You said.  



Lois Watson

 May 2007

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