Meditation on God’s servanthood

In some recent journaling I was struck by Father revealing to me a deeper understanding of his servant nature.

As I guide you I’m serving you – serving your interests, not simply my own. I’m releasing you to achieve the potential that I placed within you. My humility allows me to serve you, not lord it over you. I laid down my life that you might receive yours. Though I am Lord of all, I have given my whole self in service – service to you. You bow before me, yet I lay myself down before you.

This shouldn’t surprise you; remember how Jesus washed his disciples’ feet. This was a picture for all times. It’s not just an exhortation to serve one another, but also a reminder to you that Jesus came to serve. All the resources of heaven are at the disposal of my children. Angels are sent ahead of you to minister to your needs and bestow blessing. You are never asked to do what I don’t do, but to model yourself on who I am. How could you serve if I did not first serve you? This is not restricted to one historic act of self-sacrifice. I serve you every day. This is what true friends do – they lay down their lives for one another, giving their time, their gifts, their affection, their support. My whole attention, every day, is on serving my creation and extending blessing.

Wherever there is destruction, I’m looking to bring restoration. I’m never a mere spectator but reaching out constantly with a lifeline to each one. Never conceive of me as a passive observer. It’s my very nature to lay myself down in service of those I love, and I love all my creation. So, when you bow yourself before me, you’re emulating my heart towards you. And when you reach out towards others, you’re mirroring me. I exist not to be served but to serve.

I am also reminded of a vision in which Jesus presented me to Father, laying me on a stone altar. He kissed my hand and then my head. Father bent over and kissed my heart. The term worship can, as I understand it, be translated as ‘to kiss the hand of’ – therefore when I worship Jesus I metaphorically kiss his hand. But have I become too religious in my understanding of worship? In the old Anglican marriage service, grooms promised to worship their bride with their body. Is there a sense in which our God also worships the objects of his love?

Sheila Burton

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