Revival memories

The other week at KLS (Kingdom Life School) , Bryony was talking about past revivals and moves of God, including Post Green. It brought back amazing memories. The following morning I was journalling and felt to share it.
I feel so blessed and privileged to have been in that time and place. It’s stirred up the revival seeds in me again and a yearning for more. A holy dissatisfaction descends and the cry becomes “do it again Lord”. The truth is, it never disappears, it might be obscured for a while, but the seeds are there, ready for fresh water. A birthing in prayer is often the catalyst and what we think is dead and gone, suddenly beings to glow and flicker, when we ask Holy Spirit to breathe on the embers once again. Then comes the flame, a few catch it and begin to burn again. It is contagious, infectious and it draws people like no other way can. Why? Because God reveals a fresh perspective of Himself and we cannot help but to be captivated by His beauty. He becomes the most important person in our lives and we can’t help but talk about Him to anyone who cares to listen. His glory manifests and people are swept up in awe and wonder. Sometimes His presence is so “thick” it’s like physically wading through treacle. You are “ruined” for anything else. There is a sense of longing for more. The desire to be with Him wakes you up at night and you find yourself sneaking off to pray, read your bible, anything that keeps you close to Him. The hunger increases in each person. Revival is carried in our hearts, we become “revival” , because we are first revived by Him. Passion for Him grows. Signs, wonders and healings happen, but they are a result of our intimate relationship with the One we can’t get enough of. It can be messy as we allow God to search our lives and toss out anything He doesn’t want there. We don’t want it there either, there is a desire to be rid of anything in our lives that would separate or spoil our relationship with Him. People are drawn to us, without knowing why, without understanding how they ended up at our church or where we are. I remember the queue of children in the school play area, that built up because I was praying for them to receive Christ, be baptised in the Spirit and to speak in tongues. I was something like 11 years old at the time! Yes, children were affected as much as adults.We couldn’t wait to be part of the house and then main tent meetings on Saturdays. I remember asking Mum and Dad if they thought Jean Darnall might give me lessons. I didn’t know what I was asking for, I just knew I wanted “more”. I don’t believe revival leaves us. I feel it can get pushed underground, but it is always there, ready to spring up again when we are ready to hunger and thirst after Him, with hearts that say “I’m ready Lord, do it again”. God is looking for new ways and places for His wells to spring up once again. We are those wells, we just need to say “yes Lord, whatever it costs”!
Linda Wallis


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