Possessing the Land

areafWhat a great feeling to finally get the keys to Area F!  It’s the most amazing feeling to walk around the site and begin dreaming.

There’s a lot of work to be done and although it may look like nothing’s happening there’s lot’s going on behind the scenes.  We have recently held workshops with those that have said they want to get involved to begin to formulate a way forward.  We are pulling together a small strategic team with specific roles to evaluate the immediate tasks and the next steps in the journey.

  • Clare McCarthy – is helping us discharge the requirements put on us during the planning process. More surveys with the trees, ecology, drainage and heritage aspects of the site need to be done before we begin demolition or construction.
  • Chris Burton – is pulling together every single task that needs to be done from the hundreds of emails and other documents and putting them together onto a project plan, working out which order things need to done in. Chris also has a good eye and experience in matters concerning health and safety.
  • Sam Goudie – is taking overall responsibility for communication in the project helping to get teams set up to handle specific areas such as clearance, ecology, security and maintenance. He will be making sure that each team understands its objectives and that everyone involved in the project is kept up to date with what’s going on.

As much as we would love to get people on site as soon as possible we have to make that it is safe for everyone.  There is a lot of asbestos and broken glass around so we have to be very careful.

Having said that we are hoping to get a work party on site to help with some rhododendron clearance before “nesting season” that starts on the 1st March.  Mike Handley who is a ranger for the National Trust is helping us plan things out and prioritise the work so we can work safely and efficiently.

You’ll be hearing more very soon …


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