A Walk In The Garden

The Father is calling me back to the garden, to walk with Him just as He walked with Adam in the cool of the day.

Friendship, companionship, listening, looking, watching, waiting.  Sensitive to His touch, His voice.

Come back, come away, learn from me.  Walk with me, listen and the eyes of your heart will be opened.

Lean on, lean in close,  to hear my heartbeat.


Paradise awaits, communion, beyond words, two hearts beating as one, spirit to spirit.


Father how was it for Adam in the garden?


Ah the Father replies, “I loved it – my time with Adam,

daily I watched, waited, anticipated.

I watched from no distance at all how his day played out,

the discoveries he made, small and great.

The pleasures, the wonders, the beauty of creation.

How fascinating he found the plants, flowers, insects, animals.  All the different colours, textures, the intricacies of the spider’s web.


I designed them all with him in mind.


I knew they would capture his imagination, tickle his fancy. Give him pleasure.


This is how we will walk together you and I, exploring, listening, chatting.


Who would have thought the sound of the woodpecker drilling the tree for his breakfast would stir such fascination, straining the eye to see what creature would do such a thing.


Joy isn’t it and then you catch a glimpse of his underbelly, a splash of colour, what a riot, great isn’t it?


I’m so pleased you enjoy it, I made it all with you in mind.


This is how we will walk in the paradise garden, discovering the wonders, the treasures, the delights, all made with you in mind.”



Father, you made me and you formed me in my mother’s womb, all the days fashioned for me before one of them even began.  You knew the day would come when we could really converse, walk as one and I could begin to relate with you as a daughter appropriate to who you are, the great designer, orchestrator, creator, communicator and me – made in your likeness.


Simply for the pleasure of us being together.


Jan Durman

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