The Adventures of Eric (Part 3) – Father and Son

In Part 2 – The Secret Agent, Eric eats several chocolate biscuits and discovers the surprising way most prayers get answered. Now read on …

Dramatis Personae: Eric and God

It’s Saturday morning. Eric has decided to have another go at praying. He’s feeling content after a breakfast of bacon and eggs cooked by Jenny just the way he likes them. He sits expectantly in the small armchair in the small bedroom. With the door shut he can hardly hear Gemma’s music. A notebook and pen lie on floor. God is nowhere to be seen.

ERIC:   Hello God. It’s Eric here. (Pause)

ERIC:   Please God, tell me what to do. (Long pause)

ERIC:   This isn’t working. (Pause)

ERIC:   What did Ben say? Oh yes, ‘listen quietly for God’s voice’. OK Eric, just relax.

GOD:   Hello Eric. (God’s voice is gentle and distinct with a little reverb.)

ERIC:   Who said that?

GOD:   I did.

ERIC:   Is that you, God?

GOD:   Yes.

ERIC:   How do I know it’s really you? You don’t sound much like Morgan Freeman. Perhaps it’s just my imagination. I’ve got a really good imagination you know.

GOD:   I know Eric, I gave it to you. Trust me.

ERIC:   Trust me? That’s what they say in the movies before someone gets shot! OK, don’t panic Eric. What else did Ben say to do? Oh yes. Holy Spirit, please guide me into all truth. It’s scary but I put my trust in you. (Pause) Er, God?

GOD:   Yes, Eric.

ERIC:   What should I call you?

GOD:    I love it when people talk to me. Sometimes they call me ‘Lord’ or just ‘God’ and that’s fine. You might like to call me Father; it’s what Jesus did.

ERIC:   Father… (Eric tries out the word; it has an intimate feel to it.)

ERIC:   Father, what should I do about Jenny, she’s still tired and unhappy and Gemma’s doing so badly at school? I’m worried about them.

GOD:    Don’t worry son; I have a plan and you are my Agent. Now, the first thing I want you to do is to record our conversation in your notebook. That way you can re-read it in days to come; it will remind you of my words and encourage you. And if you’re not sure about anything, you can check it out with Ben; he won’t mind.

Surprised, Eric picks up the notebook and pen. From now on, Eric and God pause between sentences or phrases as Eric writes.

GOD:   Do you remember how you first got to know Gemma, son?

Eric thinks before replying.

ERIC:  Well, first she was just this tiny little girl who cried and slept a lot; it was cuddles and nappy changing and broken nights. Then she began to try out faces: smiles and grimaces, and little noises. We gave her toys. I remember the day she first called me Daddy.  We encouraged her to crawl and walk. Then she began to talk; that was amazing. She had lovely curls and a big smile.  I comforted her when she fell over. We read stories together.  I taught her how to ride a bike. Those were happy days.

Eric feels God smile.  

GOD:   Son, I’ve enjoyed watching you grow up. We have so much to talk about, so many things to do together. Will you come and spend a little time with me every day?

ERIC:   Er, OK. How long will that take then?

GOD:    As long or as short as you like. I created time; it’s my gift to you.

ERIC:   Right, OK then.

GOD:    So, tell me about Jenny, Eric. How did you first get to know each other?

ERIC:   We were students. We got talking over lunch in the cafeteria. She was pretty and so natural. It was really easy to talk to her. She had such a ready smile, such a passion for life. We’d go for walks in the park. Talk about stars in our eyes. She first hugged me when I took her for a ride on my motorbike; I nearly fell off. I remember our first kiss, it was…

Eric stops abruptly.

ERIC:    Er, am I allowed to talk to you about things like that?

GOD:     Of course you are son. You can talk to me about anything; I created physical attraction and sex. Eric, I am Love; I want us to be lovers.

Eric drops the pen, and looks up, stunned.

ERIC:    What!?

As he hears God’s reply he begins writing again.

GOD:    Eric, you are a Child of God and part of the Bride of Christ. These are not just poetic images. They show the kind of relationship I want to have with you and every person on the earth: deep, personal and intimate. I am Spirit as well as Love, so relationship with me is not physical, of course, but Spirit to spirit.

Eric gulps.

ERIC:    But you’re God, and I’m just me.

GOD:     I Am. (pause) And I made you in my image.  I knew you and Jenny and Gemma before you were conceived. I have watched over you and loved all three of you every second of your lives. I will never stop loving you.

ERIC:   Thank you. (pause) I didn’t realise.

GOD:   There’s one more thing, son. You remember the line in the Lord’s Prayer: “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us”?


GOD:   You and Jenny and Gemma have hurt one another deeply by some of the things you have done and said.

ERIC:   So, I’ve got to forgive Jenny and Gemma. I can do that.

GOD:   Good. And how about your trespasses?

ERIC:   Hmmm. I think I understand, Father. (pause) I forgive Jenny and Gemma completely for hurting me; (pause) please forgive me for hurting them and help me to change.

GOD:   Well done son. Jesus has paid the full price. I forgive you and I will help you.

ERIC:   Thank you.

GOD:   Now, you are ready.

First few bars of the theme tune from “Mission Impossible” sound before fading to silence.

GOD:    This is your assignment, should you choose to accept it. Take a little time to hang out with me every day for the next month. I’d like to hear your ideas about how you can help Jenny and Gemma. Then together, you and I will set to work. How does that sound?

ERIC    I accept the assignment. Shall I burn the notebook?

GOD:   No, you’re going to need it; keep it and use it every day. Now son, go and enjoy the day that I have made for you.

Eric closes his notebook with a flourish; he gets up and walks off, whistling Amazing Grace.

©Peter Hendra                                                  March 2018


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Preview of  Part 4 – Two Steps Forward …  

Eric had had it up to here. He slammed the door and shouted at the top of his voice: “Bugger! Bugger! Bugger!” His face was flushed red with anger.

Jenny, looked up from her marking. “Whatever’s the matter, dear? Come and sit down and let me make you a cup of tea.” She led him through into the kitchen where he slumped at the breakfast table, grim and silent, until the tea arrived.

“The bastards have only gone and made me redundant haven’t they..

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