Area F clearing


There has been lots going on with Area F over the last couple of months since we took possession of the land.

One of the major jobs is to make sure we meet all of the conditions of our planning permission – including things like investigating the drainage, installing a lizard barrier and a bat hotel! A small team including Clare, Chris, Phil and Sam have been working hard to make sure this is all done properly and to keep things moving along as lots of the other things we would like to do can only be done once all these requirements have been discharged.

The other big change is visible even as you drive past the site! A fantastic team of volunteers have joined tree surgeon Josh to start clearing the rhododendrons which had completely overtaken the woodland. Battling through snow and lots of ash, they’ve made a huge amount of headway to clearing the space, and you can now get a much better look at what buildings are there as you walk or drive past the gates.

It’s important to remember that the buildings and the site are still unsafe – many of the structures are unstable and there is lots of material (such as broken glass) that needs to be cleared away still. As it’s not safe to bring everyone to have a look yet, we made a short video clip to give you a look behind the gates at our new site! We can’t wait to be able to all get in and enjoy the land and woods together but in the meantime, we hope you enjoy this sneak peek…

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