Prayer and Prophecy


This might help anyone considering signing up for the year long Kingdom Life School.  As one of our assignments we were asked to write about prayer, prophecy and listening to God.  I decided to put my experiences down about my journey into and on KLS so far:


LISTENING to God I hear you say

PRAYER and PROPHECY for today

Is the task in hand to convey


On a cold March night I decided to seek

God’s way for me – I needed to hear Him speak

A year’s KLS was going to start

Was this something for me in the Father’s heart?


I thought it was but I needed to know

As the cost would be high for me to go

Not just in money but commitment of heart

A new journey with God could be about to start



I listened, I soaked

I fasted, I prayed

Read Isaiah 55 was what I sensed Him say


So I opened the word and read aloud

“Come all who are thirsty

Come to the waters, you who have no money, buy and eat

Come buy wine and milk without money or cost

Why spend money on what is not bread


(boom this line leapt off the page at me) my words

Listen, listen to me and eat what is good

and you will delight in the richest of fare


His word came as a sword dividing spirit and soul

I believed He was saying my labour of 23 years was to go

Lay down the old to take up the new

Listen to His voice, see what He wanted to do

It was time to take risks and venture anew




SO – KLS began………….

Books to read, Assignments to meet

Creative projects to start and complete

Journaling a record of what God speaks

Meditating, encounters with the Jesus we seek

Worship and word, prayer on the streets

Prophetic utterances for those hungry to hear

What God would say as they draw near

Leading people to Christ

Sharing good news

Free hugs galore

People so hungry they come back for more

Seeking the treasure the Lord highlights

Partnering with each other to express God’s delight


More precious than money, more value than gold

Salvations, miracles, healing on the streets

Were the treasures of heaven He’d lay at my feet

As His life I would share with the people I’d meet


The first term was full as we were learning to hear

God’s heart and voice become loud and clear

Family and team were starting to form

As we encouraged each other through

Highs and lows, calm and storm


Then Christmas came, it was dull, things started to slow

With time on my hands a longing began to grow

for income and work, return to the life I used to know

Where I was part of a team, people I was missing so


A job came up exciting and new

The application I started to do

The first night back at Kingdom Life

Heather shared a word that cut like a knife



Hebrews 11 – Talks about the people of faith who did not receive the promises of God but saw them from afar and welcomed them because they were looking for a city that is to come a heavenly one…..


verse 15 –  “if they had been thinking of the country they had left, they would have had an opportunity to return.  Instead they were longing for a better country, a heavenly one

Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God, for He has prepared a city for them”


A choice for me was plain to see

If I wanted to go back there was opportunity

Attitudes of heart rise to the top

The flow of God they try to stop


Distractions come, distractions go

As the Father’s heart we seek to know

Choices to make each step of the way

The King and His Kingdom for me each day


It hasn’t been easy, both bitter and sweet

Fear and challenges I have had to meet

But through it all I wouldn’t trade

The life of God for which I’m made




If you are thinking about it, take the next

step, it will be so worth it.


Jan Durman




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