The Tabernacle

This poem was written as part of a worship experience where we were invited to move through a representation of the Tabernacle – from the entrance to the most holy place, then travel out again back into the world. From the gateway I moved to the cross (representing the altar of sacrifice), the laver (for cleansing hands and feet), the table with the bread of the presence, the lampstand, the incense altar and finally the throne. I then reversed the journey to return, equipped, to a waiting world.


The Tabernacle

Through the open door to your presence,

Joy and anticipation in my heart,

Gratitude for your call upon my life,

I lay down all that I am to receive all that you are.

Washed by your word I am cleansed and renewed,

Fed by the provision of your life given for mine.

Every need infused with hope,

Every desire fulfilled in you.

Your light dissolving every fear,

Bringing the warmth of your love to my soul.

My praise a sweet-smelling offering rising before your throne,

The place of intimacy where all fear is gone,

Life alone drawing me deeper into you.

From this place a new perspective on the world around,

My life becoming the aroma of your presence,

The light and warmth within the dark,

Bringing the flavour of your wisdom to a hungry world.

Feet carrying the message of your love

To those who crave the knowledge of who you are,

And the goodness of your heart

Sign-posting the way to the pathway home.


Sheila Burton

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