Vast and intimate

Vast and intimate


The vastness of the universe

As I gaze towards the stars

In awe of your creation

And wonder at your love

I think of all the beauty

In worlds that you have made

Extravagant variety

That takes my breath away

As I ponder the marine life

The birds that fill the skies

The mountains forests trees and plains

Crammed with forms of life

That no one could begin to count

No mind could comprehend

Impossible to contemplate

The workings of your hand

And as I sit in stillness

I catch your love for me

More wondrous than the vastness

I feel the intimacy

Of every word of love you speak

The images you give

That let me know you know me

That show me I’m unique

Though billions of lives are lived

In lands across the world

You know each moment of my days

Invest in them your worth

How great you are how small I am

How vast your love for me

I never cease to marvel

Such amazing intimacy



Sheila Burton

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