On a Mission


When I first heard about Kingdom Life School I just felt deep down inside ‘one of those places is yours’ and that I had to be part of it, even though my own natural human response was one completely full of fear and intimidation at everything that it would entail. I thought that I would be way out of my depth, wouldn’t be able to do the majority of what was involved and that God ‘just didn’t use me that way’.  So, when I found out that not only would I be risking the trauma and embarrassment of regularly ‘failing’ in front of the other students, then publicly every Friday as we did our ‘Love Poole’ outreach, but also by going on a Mission trip to another church and community who would all be bursting with anticipation at what amazing stuff God was bringing us there to do, I felt like running for the distant high hills! God’s plans and purpose however involved me heading for a completely different sort of altitude ……. a flight to Holland!

During our KLS year we have all learnt to stand strong in who our identity and authority is as sons and daughters, co-heirs of Christ. Through equipping we have stepped out and grown in confidence in hearing from God and the different ways He wants to use us, sharing His love and His heart for the people we meet during our ‘Love Poole’ outreach every Friday. We were also all scheduled to go on a mission trip to equip and bless other churches at the start of March and I got accepted to be part of the Holland mission team.

It was an amazing mission trip to Haarlem and we had a completely full schedule for our time there, starting as soon as we landed as we headed straight to the church to have a quick meal before an evening with the youth and youth leaders where we were all called up to introduce ourselves and release any words we had. That was a real ‘Lord, HELP!, please give me something’ moment. As a sudden wave of panic threatened to completely drown me I stood firm in the knowledge of who I am as His daughter and all the times over the course of KLS that He had given me the words/pictures He wanted to speak into peoples’ lives. It is all about stepping out, trusting, being willing to make yourself vulnerable and take the risk for Him, going with what you’ve got no matter how small or sometimes frankly crazy it seems. So, that is exactly what I did.

I got a couple of prophetic words for two of the girls there. For the first girl I had been given a picture of some balloons being released from someone’s hand and when I asked Holy Spirit to unpack it more I felt the phrase ‘Let go’ was really significant, but that was all I was given, nothing else. As I began sharing the picture and the ‘Let go’, then the words started coming to me and I prophesied more in depth. All the time I was speaking though this girl looked like none of it was resonating at all and that she thought I was completely mad, but I had committed to sacrifice myself and be used by God regardless so I intentioned to uphold ‘my end of the deal’ and I carried on. Fortunately, my second prophetic word seemed to be received much more positively, which was a great encouragement and we then continued praying and prophesying over others as they came forward at the end of the meeting.

Just before we finished the girl I gave the first prophecy to suddenly approached me, at which I was instantly anticipating some negative feedback about how wrong and off the mark I had been earlier. When she then asked me to pray with her for Holy Spirit to reveal exactly what it was she was to ‘let go’ I was then trying to pray through mixed emotions of ‘I was so far out she hasn’t even got a clue what this could relate to’ and ‘Lord please stop her from making any decisions that are not from you’.  After I had prayed she slowly opened her eyes and suddenly a huge smile came across her face. She then said “Wow I felt such a presence of the Holy Spirit and heard so clearly that it is both things” …… I am stood probably looking very dazed and confused at this point ….. “ I have been contemplating a couple of commitments which I really feel I need to lay down right now. I have been struggling to know what to do as I don’t want to let people down and I have been crying out to the Lord the last few days asking him to clearly tell me if I am to ‘let go’ of them.” You just can’t tell how things are actually ‘landing’ with people sometimes when you share what you feel God is saying through you!

This was actually a great start to the trip as I held on to that and continued just trusting and going with what I had throughout the rest of that mission. We had such demand for prophetic readings that we did booths on the Friday night and Sunday afternoon, people also grabbed us in passing at every opportunity and God came through every time, impacting hearts and lives in amazing ways.

Due to the sudden major snow we had at the start of March none of the other 3 mission trips made it to their destinations so had to be postponed, I was absolutely overjoyed to then be asked to go and be part of the Burnham-on Sea team in mid-May too. It was another fantastic mission trip to a couple of small churches who had joined together specially to host us and be equipped by us for the weekend.

Again, during the first evening we all got called up to introduce ourselves and release any words we had. I had given a couple already but there was one lady who kept highlighting to me and every time I looked at her I got a vision of the crazy dancing lady out of the ‘Safety Dance’ video by ‘Men without Hats’, then I got a word that the crazy lady represented her, who God had made her to be, full of fun, life, exuberance and passion for Him that would attract people to her. I felt God was encouraging her to be free to be this person, that she should continue to embrace it no matter what people think. I kept stopping myself though as my natural-self kept looking at her sat there very quiet, composed and serious looking and I was thinking ‘I can’t release this word over her it must be wrong’.

In the end I decided I would rather possibly be wrong than to miss an opportunity so I shared with her what I had been given. She immediately gave feedback of how she used to be just like that but she’d be made to calm down as people felt she was like an excitable puppy, so she suppressed it all now. Then the next day when we took the team out onto the streets to do ‘Love Burnham’ she absolutely came alive doing the free hugs, she was so full of fun and ‘craziness’ and so many people were attracted to her and came over to her for a hug it was so lovely to see her being herself so freely.

On the Sunday morning we all shared our personal breakthroughs during KLS and called people to come forward for prayer at the end to receive breakthrough in the same area themselves. We also released some words of knowledge we had for specific healings too. So many people responded to these and came forward for prayer, it was fantastic to see how overwhelmed they were that God had highlighted their specific needs that He wanted to bring healing and breakthrough in, to then see their whole countenance change as we prayed and also to see Father really impacting their hearts and lives and bringing healing in so many different ways.

It is always such an honour and privilige to be used by God to release His love, blessings, breakthrough, freedom and healing over others’ lives and situations …… to be on His mission, to bring Kingdom to earth.


Sue Bessant

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