So that was KLS…

So…..that was KLS!

I am usually a planner, I mean I REALLY like a plan.  However, nine months ago, as the summer drew to a close, with no plan in place, and no sense of what might be next for me I decided to apply for the week long Kingdom Life School in September.  If I am honest this was more an act of desperation than faith, but seeking God for a week, I mean what’s the worst that could happen?

What did happen was a week where I went further with God in 5 days than in the previous 5 years.  A week where God’s presence was something tangible.  A week of profound and glorious worship.  Someone had mentioned to me halfway thought the week about the year long KLS, to which I politely, but firmly, explained, ‘no I won’t be doing that.’  I mean, I lived over an hours drive from Poole, I worked full time, and the big one; I was waiting for God to direct me to what I was meant to do next, I can’t spend a year on some course!!! It’s always amusing when you look back and you can almost see God with his head in his hands.

Fast track to the end of the week, when driving home with some amazing prophetic words ringing in my ears about how God may be moving me to Poole, and to go where I felt God, the penny finally dropped, and the decision to embark on the year long course was born. Ah ha a plan!

Three days later, Monday morning, I went into work, asked if I could reduce my hours and have every Friday off, to which surprisingly (or maybe not surprisingly) they quickly agreed, even offering to allow me to leave early on Thursday’s so I could travel up to Poole after work. A church family put me up every Thursday evening, and I would travel back home after school on the Friday.

What followed has been the best 9 months in my walk with God.  I have made some amazing friends. But more than friends, these people are my tribe.  They’ve encouraged and supported me, and oh we’ve shared so much laughter together.

I have been challenged and changed.  Heck I’ve even walked up Poole high street at Christmas dressed as a star!!!   I mean voluntarily!!

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I’ve shared words of knowledge with people who told me they didn’t believe in God, only to sit staring at me a few minutes later asking me how I could possibly know that about them!!!  Well maybe it’s because not only God is real, and alive, but because his love for those we meet refuses to be kept in, if we’re only prepared to cross a few ‘chicken lines’ and share him.  Chicken lines are something you’ll cross a lot of on this course, but I’ll just encourage you here, guess what, every time I crossed one God showed up.  Yeah I know, crazy right!!!

One of my highlights was my mission trip to Amsterdam.  (the over achiever in me got to also go on two further mission trips!) While the UK was hit by the ‘Beast from the East’ a small band of intrepid explorers with their thermal undies and gloves left behind the snow to spend a weekend away in sub zero temperatures (I vote for a mission trip to the Maldives next year!), praying, prophesying and giving out ‘gratis knuffles’ on the streets of Haarlem.  That’s free hugs to those who don’t speak Dutch.  Often you don’t know what you’re capable of until you give it a go, and this definitely had the feeling of jumping off a 50ft cliff into a deep lake when I’ve only just learned how to put my armbands on.  However, God definitely showed up to allow us to bless and speak into so many lives.  It was truly a privilege to be part of this.

So, here I am at the end of the first year, and what’s next?  Well for me I am signed up and accepted for Year 2.  I guess I finally figured out that I was exactly where I was supposed to be, doing exactly what I was meant to be doing at this time.

My advice for anyone thinking of doing KLS would be that if you don’t want to make friends, go deeper with God, figure out and walk into your calling, don’t want to be challenged, changed and grown, if you don’t want to experience excitement and impact in your life, and others then I would say this course probably isn’t for you.  But really, who wants to live like that!! Not me.


Elizabeth Bugg

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