What? It’s Over?

What? It’s over? It’s hard to believe that we have already come to the end of the KLS year. We have had a plethora of goodies during this time and to name a “best moment” is nigh on impossible.

Maybe it could be the look of relief on the face of the lady who said of a free hug, “I needed that, I haven’t had one for years!” The smiles on people’s faces as they received the word of encouragement, or the tears being fought back as God yet again hits the mark, also has to come high on the list. The sense of privilege of being included in what God is doing is tangible when we went out onto the streets to “Love Poole” on a Friday afternoon.

There is a joy to be found in finding “treasure “, regardless of the outcome. God gives us His clues and we get to follow them. There is a sense of family and support from fellow team members. One’s success means everyone’s success. We are just a small cog in a much bigger wheel and we shared together our “good news” stories often.

It’s not always been easy, I have to admit, in fact I’ve crossed so many “ chicken lines”, but I have now decided to rename them as “adventure lines” because they can often turn into the most unexpected encounters.

Our times of studying have been enriching and empowering and I, for one, am truly grateful for the high level of teaching that we have received this year. The journeying deeper into understanding Father and my identity as his daughter has been truly revealing. How to position yourself correctly for God’s blessings has been enlightening, and how these same blessings, in turn, enable us to bless others.

I have personally been accessing deeper levels of faith and trust as my understanding of God and myself have been expanded. The worship has been outstanding and rarely in the same format, as we were often encouraged to try out new expressions. In fact, we were told so many times to try something new, I’m not sure what the “old” was!

It has been a joy to be part of passionate, lion-hearted, worshippers, who push beyond the limits, in relentless pursuit of the only One who can truly satisfy our hungry hearts. It has been an incredibly rewarding journey and I think I will still be unpacking these “gems” I have collected along the way, for some time yet.

And the future…..? ….why, KLS2, of course, can’t wait!

Linda Wallis

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