Chasing your challenges

If anyone who asked me last September how I saw myself, I would not have described myself as someone with October about myself as a creative person who can operate in gifts of healing or prophetic words.  My life experience taught me that I can be a kind, humble servant of Jesus, but my words rarely carry impact or significance.  What a difference a year can make.  I have learnt one key thing: if a challenge makes you feel unsafe and uncomfortable because it’s “not you”, it may well be what you need to chase after.

My experience has told me I can get by OK with written tasks, so why on KLS did I opt instead for the Creative stream where my art needs labelling, my woodwork needs a health and safety test and my photos need deleting!  Because I didn’t see it as “me”.  Guess what?  God taught me so much in the mess of making mistakes, giving offerings of “work” that left me feeling exposed, vulnerable…but honest, authentic and growing.

Experience told me my words lack power….so every time I turn on my computer I must type in the truth from 2Timothy1:7 that I have been given a spirit of power – as my friend, Jon reminds me, resurrection power!

So be encouraged: God wants to develop new gifts in you; His work in you is only limited by your choices to buy into your past limited experiences, and it is released when you say Yes to Him and face the challenge that you think will expose your failings.

Rich Wood


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