My experience at KLS

My experiences at KLS in 1 year 2018

There is so much to say about my experiences and the multitude of things I have learnt from the year-long Kingdom Life School. These are from a natural and supernatural source, biblically, spiritually, relationships and memories that will last a lifetime.

I still remember the very first Thursday evening where all us ‘newbies’ (which was practically everyone including leaders!) had been brought together to spend time in growing, in experiencing and allowing our relationship with Father God to overflow into the lives of those around us, one of these areas being Love Poole. The transformation that has happened in just one year is incredible. The people are hungry and some are becoming ever increasingly expectant of us as a school being present on those Friday afternoons. A true essence of Kingdom Love is spreading and is set to increase!

We all began the year basically like statues, in a sense that we did not know what to expect or what was to happen or what was expected of us and our expectations of Gods transformation in using each of us both singularly and together in his heavenly plans. The encouragement received from the leaders (especially from a certain someone who is excellent at encouraging us out of our statue shells and into our own unique beings) has enabled us to go from strength to strength. From statue to cracking open the top to then jumping out of that shell, only to discover we have wings and that we could fly! The excitement of realising this only made God smile more and more on us.

Personally, I have found myself applying what I have learnt into everyday life situations, conversations both within and outside of where I live. This including the workplace, the people I meet on the streets, my family, my friends and on mission to Holland a country that has very much captured my heart so much that I am still 3 months later still learning Dutch. On that mission trip my group and I saw many things, heard many things and had experiences of both familiar and new things. I found it an absolute privilege to even get on a plane for the first time and realise that it was not even half as scary as my thoughts were telling me. I loved it! I loved the plane flight so much that I am in planning motion for a short flight and adventure by myself in the next year or so. Later on that day I found myself being overtaken with Gods empowerment and it felt so surreal! Over the next few days we gave Prophetic Words (or what we call them on the streets ‘Spiritual Readings’) to those whom had booked up prior to our arrival. The very first session I was grouped in with the lovely Anne and the A-Team (formally known as Group 1) Leader Nathan. The love of God for the women who came in one after the other was so strong that we needed frequent short breaks to prepare for the next. As the weekend progressed I learnt much about the people there, had a first ride on a double decker train with Ad (whom many of you know) clearly stating that “England has double decker buses and we have double decker trains”. Spot on! Fast-forward to the Sunday we participated in two services and were up at the front to pray for people during a ministry time, something before I had started KLS Year 1 that I had seldom done or felt able to do but God is gracious and in time I am able to pray with people knowing that if I keep drinking from the well of life I can do everything put in front of me; I now love praying with people. The overwhelming sense of God’s love during that time was immense and tangible.

It is not about me anymore but what God wants to do through me. This past year has been a mixture of laughter, fun, enjoying the company of fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ, building upon relationships, allowing God in to mould me into something new, to be pruned, to be changed, to explore new levels of Fathers love, the gifting’s given, teaching and reaching new levels of worship. To be completely broken and picked back up with a thread of Gold running through you and finally as in The Ultimate Treasure Hunt (one of our reading books) “Take the risk, face your fears and ungodly beliefs with a laugh, nobody is perfect, honour one another and keep going!”.

So to any of you who are still contemplating the idea, I say just go for it! You have only positive to gain from this year. Sometimes it will challenge you, sometimes you may end up in a tizzy, but you will for sure gain something much much more. For now I am taking a little gap year or two but who knows I may be a student on KLS Year 2 at some point in the future!!

God bless you all!


Beth Hayes

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